BAME Women in Travel

BAME Women in Travel

The new BAME Women in Travel initiative assists black, Asian and minority ethnic women in the travel and tourism industry to fulfill their economic and individual potential through customised training and mentoring services aimed at fostering entrepreneurship and employment.

This initiative will grow the opportunities available to women from BAME communities within a sector that is still lacking diversity at every level. BAME Women in Travel plans to play a key role in providing resources, networking opportunities, training, and events focused on making advancement within the travel and tourism industry more accessible.

BAME Women in Travel provides a space and platform for women of colour to grow their networks, tap into resources, and share their unique skillsets– amplifying
your voices in the larger marketplace. Its a space that is inclusive of all women seeking to expand their footprint within the travel and tourism industry, especially for
those who’ve felt marginalised or overlooked.

BAME Women in Travel works with industry partners to provide the following services for BAME women who are engaged in or interested in careers within the travel and tourism industry:

  • Coaching and mentoring (one-to-one and group)
  • Entrepreneurship workshops and events
  • Upskilling programmes
  • Conferences, summits and festivals
  • Dynamic and interactive social media discussions

If you’re searching a dynamic and professional female led travel commumnity to engage with, seek no further.

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BAME Women in Travel CIC is here to help!

We have long supported up and coming female entrepreneurs, and those seeking to join the travel industry with mentoring & coaching; advice & inspiration; insights & networking and this is what we do best!

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  • I was delighted to be involved in the 2016 Women in Travel session at WTM. I believe strongly in equality and equal opportunity and it is great to see such a positive and affirming event which recognises and celebrates success for women in the travel industry and hopefully gives inspiration to others who may feel that they need support or encouragement. Hearing success stories and a recognition that gender equality helps both females and males and needs to address issues for both sexes was valuable and instructive and a good springboard for future events and sessions. Keep up the great work!
    Giles HawkeCEO Cosmos, Avalon Waterway, Archers Holidays
  • An inspirational conference in London as part of the World Travel Market. Expertly arranged by Alessandra Alonso, the passionate and heartfelt address of the women of the panel made me realise, that whatever the profession, women are having to deal with the same, gender related issues.
    Saskia ConstantinouCEO, Apollon Connection, Cyprus
  • It was a great event Alessandra, BRAVO to you for organising it!
    Sarah TowleFounder, Time Travelers Tours

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