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02/08/19 - Announcing the return of Women Returners in September '19

Women in Travel (CIC), is celebrating the return of the Women Returners programme for a second year. The forthcoming programme will take place at the Tara Hotel in Kensington, London, from 30th September to 4th October 2019 and will ensure that local women, ready to work but lacking in confidence and network, are provided with the right support to become fully engaged in the talent-hungry tourism and hospitality sector.

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26.06.19 - First International Women in Travel & Tourism Forum Announced

Women in Travel CIC has announced its first International Women in Travel & Tourism Forum. It will take place on January 23-24 2020 in Iceland, a country leading in gender equality. Iceland’s First Lady, Eliza Reid, will be the event’s keynote speaker.

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29.05.19 - Collaboration with GTMC

The GTMC has signed a collaboration agreement with social enterprise Women in Travel (cic), which is dedicated to empowering women through employability and entrepreneurship in Travel, Tourism Hospitality and Events.

The collaboration is aimed at supporting the work of Women in Travel by encouraging GTMC’s TMC members to access the services offered by the social enterprise particularly in the following areas:

  • Women Returners: employability and recruitment services aimed at selecting, training and matching with suitable employers marginalised women who are physically and mentally ready to re-engage with the economy;
  • Training and development around employability; female leadership; coaching and mentoring;
  • Other events; conferences or workshops focused on empowering women to engage with the sector.
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21.02.19 - Launch Of Bame-Focused Division

Women In Travel CIC Announces Launch Of Bame-Focused Division. On 21 February 2019 – Women in Travel CIC, the social enterprise dedicated to empowering women though employability and entrepreneurship in the travel industry, will launch ‘BAME Women in Travel’ at a Royal Society of Arts evening event (6pm – 8pm) in London on 11th March 2019.

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05.01.19 - Back to Work Scheme

Women in Travel CIC launches back to work scheme working with Crisis Uk and the Travel, Tourism and hospitality sector.

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Women Returners by Women in Travel is a unique programme in the tourism and hospitality industry. We identify, select, train and match with suitable employers talented women from marginalised communities and backgrounds. Our main objective is to ensure that this locally available workforce, ready to work but lacking in confidence and network, is provided with the right support to become fully engaged in the talent -hungry Tourism and Hospitality sector.

Candidates come from a diverse background, which includes refugees, homelessness, sexually trafficked and domestic abuse victims. All are capable individuals with previous work experience, often in relevant areas. High-end hotels like Dukes Mayfair and Millennium have already recruited with us for roles including reception, reservation and finance and their feedback is excellent!

Due to our long standing involvement with the sector we are able to select the women for mindset and then provide the coaching and training they need to feel empowered again. It is amazing to see the difference a few days can make on them. Women who come in on a Monday with no job, low self esteem and little to hope for end up on a Friday buzzing with energy and self-belief! As employer what you are doing is nothing short of rebuilding lives!

We have already announced 3 new programme that will take place at the Tara Hotel in High Street Kensington week of 4 February, 24 JUNE and 30 SEPTEMBER and more programmes will be added in due course. Employers are invited over 2 days to introduce themselves and interview a small group of women ( purposely small, as we wish to provide great interaction and full engagement ).

If you wish to ask questions or have live vacancies you are struggling to fill do get in touch!

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