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Lunch N Learn Webinar – Introduction to BCorp and How to Become Certified

Lunch N Learn Webinar – Introduction to BCorp and How to Become Certified


With Rachel Parsons

Why go for BCorp in Travel? How can travel navigate the ‘Cake or Lentils’ approach to change? What are the commercial business benefits, apart from it being a trust mark for good business, (cost savings; cheaper insurance, cheaper finance options, or perhaps better multiples of the sale price, a competitive brand advantage, stronger and better-articulated marketing content, safer supply chains, better-aligned teams, better access to purposeful people, a trust mark for leaders.

What’s the process? Time v’s costs. Scoring system. Why it’ll get harder in the future. The form itself. What might you expect after certification? What’s the BHive? What’s Travel by BCorp? What are the main issues around purposeful travel that we’re not talking about?


Founder and Sustainability Lead

I believe that social innovation can help us make the planet a safer place for our families and businesses, communities and creatures big and small. Getting on that journey is easier than you think, and good makes good business sense. BCorp is a useful and robust tool to co-brand that journey. Since I was 4, I’ve worked in tourism; as a tea maker, adventure tour leader, travel writer, and home host, and 12 years ago I founded a cottage-holiday marketing agency which now has 50+ houses and certified BCorp on March 22. Previously I also worked for (as was) Prince Charles Rainforests Project and then History Channel, as an ESG-education consultant. I’m concerned and excited about the future in equal measure. Tourism, with its cultural, social and environmental systems reliance, is both a disaster zone and a catalysing force for good. Our organisations must become solution-ists and our people become change-makers. BCorp is great, but what you do to solve real problems is more important.

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