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The Tour Guiding Academy

What is the Tour Guiding Academy?

The Tour Guiding Academy is an online learning platform that empowers you to become a day tour guide by learning to design, develop and deliver a tour based on your own narrative, experience, and background.

Did you ever dream of running your own tours? Are you seeking ways to diversify your income?  Would you like to launch your own business but do not know how?

The Tour Guiding Academy could be the answer!

Not only do we provide opportunities for income diversification to women who are already economically active, but because we are a social enterprise we reinvest all our profit into our mission, which means for every paid-for subscription we donate one to a disadvantaged woman who cannot afford to pay but whose life could be transformed by the Tour Guiding Academy!

In summary, by signing up you rise AND lift others on the journey!

The Tour Guiding Academy was created by Women in Travel cic to provide all women with an opportunity to develop skills, earn an income and share their stories to be enjoyed by domestic and international travellers alike. It is also a practical and innovative way to support female micro-entrepreneurship, by developing day tours and experiences that both empower women and celebrate multiculturalism within cities and regions.


Who is the Tour Guiding Academy for?

Anyone interested in leading a day tour can train on this platform.

You do NOT need to be a travel expert nor an art historian…all you need is the desire to tell an authentic story; to delight customers with a unique experience and to enjoy being in charge!

If you are already in travel, this can be the perfect opportunity to add additional income; elevate your current skills and diversify your offer to clients!

If you are not in travel, this is an affordable and simple way to create a side-hustle or forge a new pathway for yourself!

Our modules are all available on demand. Once you have paid and registered, you are provided with access to the videos, presentations and customised resources developed by our experts exclusively for the Tour Guiding Academy and you can continue to access them at your leisure!

What do our Modules Cover?

Here below is an overview of our 5 modules, which include about 6 hours of video and 124 lessons in total. But don’t be put off by the length of these modules because they are all broken down in digestible, bite-size chunks for easy-learning and access.

We are absolutely confident you will find them insightful, helpful and user-friendly once you have purchased them and if not, we are happy to refund you, no question asked [T&C apply]!

You can take the modules fully at your leisure, no pressure, or deadlines, apart from the pace you set for yourself!

You will learn:

  • How the travel and tourism sector is defined, its key components and how they work and operate together. Key trends and insights into this exciting industry.
  • How to identify, develop and deliver the story that will form the basis of your tour and the crucial skills of a storyteller.
  • How to organise and package the story and all its elements into a cohesive day-tour that will surprise and delighted the customer!
  • What skills are important to become a successful tour guide. How to deal with customers and delight them with your tour. How to manage and deliver on their expectations.
  • Delivering and selling your tours in person or online. How to use Airbnb and how to approach other channels. Costing and pricing the tour. Introductory marketing and sales techniques to successfully sell your tour.

Please see here the full index for further information.

Our Experts

The modules we have created with experts from across the industry will provide everything you need for you to develop, execute, and sell your tours, including knowledge, explanations, skills and templates. Our expert trainers have decades of expertise in their chosen areas and are very well known and respected in the world of tour operations and guiding!

Please watch the videos below to hear from and about our experts!

Dr Ivana Damnjanović

Nikki Padilla

Elisa Spampinato

Klaudija Janzelj

These experts will provide all the expertise you need to start your own tour guiding and day tour business!

Should you want more support, that is available too. We at Women in Travel are very community-minded. We know that the Tour Guiding Academy is not just about learning from experts but finding your tribe and engaging with a like-minded community. So as soon as you sign up you become part of our Facebook group and we also give you the option to join more intimate WhatsApp groups and Mentoring Circles with our experts and guest speakers.

We would be very happy to answer any queries or questions you may still have! Please contact us at: [email protected]

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