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  • Mar272024

    What do travel programs need to know about their neurodivergent traveller population?

    Travelling for work can be tough for anyone. However, the added sights, sounds, and routine changes from trips could create…

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  • Feb022024

    🎉 IWTTF & AWARDS 2024 – Save the date for June 26th & 27th 🎉

    In the vibrant realm of the travel, tourism, and hospitality sectors, a groundbreaking event is set to unfold, promising not…

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  • Nov152023

    Powering up Travel, Tourism and Hospitality (TTH) through an inclusion-centric approach

    TTH have always prided themselves on showcasing a diverse array of passengers and destinations, each with their unique stories, attributes,…

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  • Oct302023

    Celebrate Black History Month with WIT – Anita Francois

    The inspirational and motivating story of Anita Francois is a great reminder for everyone out there to pursue their dreams and…

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  • Oct232023

    Celebrate Black History Month with WIT – Hafsa Gaher

    Black History Month is a time to celebrate the incredible contributions of Black women who have left an indelible mark…

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  • Oct172023

    Celebrate Black History Month with WIT – Chantal Potgieter

    Women in Travel CIC has the honour of supporting many incredible Women, whose knowledge, inspirational stories and love for the…

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  • Oct122023

    Celebrate Black History Month with WIT – Phoebe Maina

    At Women in Travel CIC, our dedication to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are the key pillars of our work which…

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  • Oct102023

    WIT Focus on Allyship and Making an Impact 🤝 Learn more about Male Allyship Network

    At Women in Travel CIC, we firmly believe in harnessing the strength of male allies to champion women and non-binary…

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  • Jun272023

    Celebrating Progress and Inspiring Change: Highlights from the IWTTF 2023 Event

    We’re still riding the wave of inspiration and empowerment after the fourth annual Women in Travel CIC International Women in…

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  • Jun252023

    Inaugural IWTTF Awards

    What an incredible way to celebrate! 🎉 Our Inaugural Women in Travel & Tourism Forum Awards took place on the…

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  • Mar082023

    Women in Travel at Arival 360 Berlin & ITB

    What an exciting way to start Spring by participating at Arival 360 Berlin and ITB (World’s Leading Travel Trade Show)!…

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  • Dec012022

    Expert panellists lead the discussion on DEI at Women in Travel’s annual WTM Meet Up

    It was fantastic to be back at World Travel Market London last month, in an event that felt almost back…

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  • Oct192022

    SHe Travel Club: the label reinventing women’s travel

    Author: ValĂ©rie Hoffenberg, Founder of SHe Travel Club: the label reinventing women’s travel SHe Travel Club label aims to make…

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  • Sep072022

    Recruitment: solving adversity through diversity

    Author: Karl Cushing – Freelance journalist for TTG As employers in the travel sector scramble to scale up their operations…

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  • Jul312022

    Why are so many of our clients men?

    Author: Iris Serbanescu Founder of wmnsWORK, a tourism focussed accelerator for women and non binary individuals It’s a question I used to…

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  • Jul252022

    Giles Hawke, CEO, Cosmos Tours & Cruises and Avalon Waterways UK, Male Allyship Q&A

    How and why did you decide to become one of Women in Travel’s male allies? Alessandra approached me about it…

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  • Feb192022

    What is Habitat by Kat

    Women in Travel CIC interview Habitat by Kat. HBK are a certified travel agency helping anyone start an online travel business, big or small.

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  • Nov122021

    We must up the focus on gender equality at Cop26

    Cop26 has been much spoken about this month, but one area that has lacked visibility is the link between the climate crisis and gender.

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  • Jun152021

    Inspirational Women in Travel Series: Viviane Nasr

    #1 Tell us about yourself and how you got into your travel and tourism business I love to travel and…

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  • Feb262021

    Four key actions the Travel and Tourism industry and businesses can take to make 2021 the year of diversity and inclusion

    The month of February marks Black History Month in the USA. The month offers an acknowledgement and celebration of the…

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  • Feb102021

    WIT Launches New Mentorship Circles to Unite Women from Across the Industry  

    With 2020 finally over it feels like a collective exhale, can be released. Even though the following year will inevitably…

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  • Feb102021

    Helping each other up- Laverne Walker on the different shapes mentoring takes

    Mentoring is traditionally based on the exchange of knowledge from one person to another, with the aim of the mentor…

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  • Feb022021

    Inspirational Women in Travel: Hattie Seal & Annabel Upson

    For this weeks Inspirational Women in Travel blog, we sat down to have a chat with Hattie Seal and Annabel…

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  • Jan252021

    Inspirational Women in Travel :Phyllis Acheampong

    For this weeks Inspirational Women in Travel blog, we sat down to have a chat with Phyllis Acheampong, Associate Solicitor…

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