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The IWTTF Forum is an important platform to discuss the future of industry and the role that women and the broader diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) agenda play in developing a more equitable, sustainable, and successful industry.

It is also a fantastic opportunity to reconnect, engage, network and learn from original thinkers and authentic leaders.

Each year the forum features a wide array of inspiring speakers on topics that are hard-hitting, relevant and impactful through a mix of panel, mentoring and curated interactions.

In 2023 we will address some critical questions, including:

  • How is climate change affecting women globally and why should we all be concerned?
  • How can we harness DEI and technology to promote innovation in travel and tourism?
  • How far have we come on our journey to inclusion?
  • How can we encourage employers to include neurodiverse talent in the workforce and what challenges do neurodiverse employees face?
  • What is the state of allyship in industry and what role do senior male leaders play in fostering women’s progression in industry?

Hear from inspiring speakers, access thought leadership and gain practical tips and a fresh perspective on industry. Meet and network with industry decision makers, leaders and professionals in an exceptionally stimulating environment!

IWTTF 2022