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Women Entrepreneurs

At Women in Travel, we not only believe that women should think of entrepreneurship as a viable option, but also, that entrepreneurship can be a key to women empowerment, enabling individuals to take control of their earning and their many commitments.

Women in Travel is here to help!

Our entrepreneurship support includes:

Tour Guiding Academy

The Tour Guiding Academy was created by Women in Travel cic [with seed funding from RSA] to provide all women with an opportunity to develop skills, earn an income and share their stories to be enjoyed by domestic and international travellers alike. It is also a practical and innovative way to support female micro-entrepreneurship, by developing day tours and experiences that both empower women and celebrate multiculturalism within cities and regions.

The Tour Guiding Academy empowers you to become a day tour guide by learning to design, develop and deliver a tour based on your own narrative, experience and background.

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One-to-one Mentoring

Flexible, one to one mentoring and coaching for solo-, micro- and start up entrepreneurs.

Whether you are running a travel and tourism business and wanting to take the next step; hoping to launch a business, address existing challenges or clarifying your purpose Alessandra can help you find the answer through highly customised interventions that range from a one-off conversation to several months but are always, wholly tailored to your needs and affordable.

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Mentoring Circles

Our facilitated circles aim to provide you with your own mini-boardroom.

They deliver targeted, confidential, collaborative, and open-minded support and never-ever feel judgemental or biased. They are structured around 3 level of needs. Click below to find out which circle is right for you!

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  • I was delighted to be involved in the 2016 Women in Travel session at WTM. I believe strongly in equality and equal opportunity and it is great to see such a positive and affirming event which recognises and celebrates success for women in the travel industry and hopefully gives inspiration to others who may feel that they need support or encouragement. Hearing success stories and a recognition that gender equality helps both females and males and needs to address issues for both sexes was valuable and instructive and a good springboard for future events and sessions. Keep up the great work!
    Giles HawkeCEO Cosmos, Avalon Waterway, Archers Holidays
  • An inspirational conference in London as part of the World Travel Market. Expertly arranged by Alessandra Alonso, the passionate and heartfelt address of the women of the panel made me realise, that whatever the profession, women are having to deal with the same, gender related issues.
    Saskia ConstantinouCEO, Apollon Connection, Cyprus
  • It was a great event Alessandra, BRAVO to you for organising it!
    Sarah TowleFounder, Time Travelers Tours

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