New Mentoring Services

‘Mentoring Circles’
NEW Mentoring Membership Packages for 2021

We all need a supportive network around us particularly in challenging times. If we have learnt one thing from 2020 is that alone we can survive, but together we can PROSPER! Our Mentoring Membership packages aim to provide you with supportive, confidential, collaborative and open-minded support and never-ever feel judgemental or biased.

The packages are structured around 3 level of needs and include access to

  • Peer to peer AND professionally facilitated mentoring circles
  • Our growing mentoring community
  • Your choice of Lunch n’ Learn sessions
  • Mentoring Newsletters

All our Mentoring Circles lasts 60 minutes; they are moderated by an expert facilitator from WIT cic, meaning that sessions are structured to focus on outcomes, and all sessions deliver:

  • A place to share and articulate challenges
  • A place to learn and network
  • A place to collaborate and feel supported
  • Additionally our Lunch n’ Learn classes are delivered by experts in their fields and will help you drive your personal and professional objectives in 2021.

Mentoring takes place at specific times in the year/month. Membership of Mentoring Circle is closed once a maximum of 12 people has been reached. Membership remains broadly the same throughout the period to foster deeper relationships.

Because we are all different, our mentoring needs vary.

We have created 3 types of Mentoring Membership, depending on the intensity of support you need and would benefit from:

Our Lunch ‘n’ Learn events are included in our packages

Starting 1st February 2021 at 12:30pm