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Lunch N Learn Webinar – Embrace, Explore, Empower: The Solo Traveller

Lunch N Learn Webinar – Embrace, Explore, Empower: The Solo Traveller


With Vaishali Patel

The transformative power of solo travel and its impact on personal, professional and entrepreneurial development. The insights will help attendees empower this group of growing travellers and help them tap deeper into creating meaningful experiences for this market.

1. Who is the solo traveller? Let’s take a deeper dive!

2. What are the various reasons they travel? – Work, Self Discovery, Following Passions, A Profound Conversation

3. What are the common challenges and concerns?

4. Stories of transformation


Vaishali Patel – Founder of Vaishali Limited

Connect with Vaishali: LinkedIn

Vaishali is a storyteller, explorer, and advocate for transformative travel experiences. Author of “Solo Explorers,” she inspires and empowers women to embrace solo travel for positive change, drawing from her own experiences and those of 29 other women. Her passion for immersive travel led to the creation of the Immersive India tour, highlighted by The Guardian for its sustainable approach. With over two decades of expertise in marketing and communications, Vaishali excels in idea generation, storytelling, and audience engagement. As a transformation coach, she guides individuals to manifest positive change through travel, creativity, and impactful public speaking. She was invited to deliver a TEDx talk on the profound influence of creativity on well-being underscoring her commitment to fostering personal growth and transformation.


TEDx talk: https://youtu.be/PaH3YsfglGc?si=XdYkJeVZyxkour-0

World Travel Market (WTM 2023): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pvg5YBHm_n0 Articles/


For Good Magazine by Kemosabe: https://forgoodmag.com/why-everyone-should-travel-solo-at-least-once-in-their-lifetime/

Instagram: @solo.explorers Tour

Instagram: @immersiveindiatour

Facebook: Immersive India Tour by Vaishali

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