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COVID19 Support Information

COVID19 Support Information

1. FEASTPlus


**Please get in touch as we may be able to help!
**Our FEAST programme is FREE and enrolling!
**We have a full schedule ready!

Contact Deziree Dixon at [email protected] for any inquiries and to get your enrollment started!


We have recently accessed targeted European fund to support unemployed women through customised mentoring, training, skills development and CV support so they can return to the labour market as soon as possible, in either tourism or related sectors, which are expected to rebound once the pandemic subsides.   

If due to the impact of COVID-19 you are foreseeing redundancies, you may like to suggest this opportunity to the female staff you are having to let go. There are no costs attached for you and certainly none for your (female) staff.  


At beginning of October we launched  a series of Podcasts, available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Soundcloud. The aim is to highlight exceptional female talent in the travel and tourism industry, hosted by Jamie Lee Abtar and Alessandra Alonso. 

We had three insightful sessions already with Head of Recruitment Google EMEA, Ola Fadipe, Hotelier & Interior Designer, Dee Gibson and Head of Joint Ventures & Commercial Planing, Patricia Mantey. There is much more to come, with amazing women in the industry, make sure to tune in each week and SUBSCRIBE to never miss an episode.

3. Supportive Mentoring Circles 

Earlier in March we launched our pro-bono Supportive Mentoring Circles, which support women working in the travel and tourism industry from around the world in coming together through facilitated discussion, to share  and then positively address the challenges posed by the current pandemic and the subsequent closure of many businesses. We have now established four groups. Each group meets twice a month and in between live appointments on skype emails are circulated on alternate weeks to check in on members and update each other on follow up actions.

Some of the most common questions relate to how best to communicate to customers to maintain and encourage rapport; how not to procrastinate activities while at home; how to maintain a healthy mind and how to create structure in what seem endlessly long days!

Check out our newest article, “How Mentorship Has Revived Hope Amid Uncertainty In The Travel Sector” to see the impact that mentoring has within the travel, tourism and hospitality indsutry.

4. Covid-19 and the Impact on Women

Over the past couple months we have launched a number of webinars that help to understand the impact of COVID-19 on women in the travel and tourism industry. We had our series of 3 webinars that launched end of May going into the beginning of June, officially creating a plan of action to support women in the industry.

We had a number of inspirational panelists that discussed the core issues, and steps that can be taken to adapt through the current times.

While COVID-19 has been a major impact, we also tackled a large issue; racial diversity in the travel and tourism industry. We hosted a Racial Diversity panel with the support of TTG Media. The outcome of this webinar was HUGE. We had over 300 attendees, and a wonderful DIVERSE panel to discuss the issue of diversity in the travel and tourism industry and steps we can take to support women and make a change.

Download and stream the Diversity Panel HERE






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